Hello, wonderful readers! 🍂

I'm positively thrilled to welcome you to this enchanting October day. Ah, the 3rd of October—what a fetch date to embark on our journey into the most wonderful time of the year: Autumn.

I think some of you can already tell from our previous blog posts... but the Autumn season is my absolute favorite! Even here in the forever-summer, I can't help but long for the the changing seasons. As we bid farewell to the sweltering heat and don our light sweaters (because, let's face it, it does get a bit chillier here on-island), we invite you to join us in celebrating the harvest season on O'ahu. 🌴🍁

So, gather 'round, dear friends, as we explore the unique ways to infuse a little fall flavor into our tropical paradise.

  1. Fall Adventures: Who says fall can't be adventurous? Whether it's hiking through lush rainforests or exploring hidden waterfalls, O'ahu offers captivating experiences year-round. Don your comfy hiking boots and embark on an autumnal adventure like no other. I personally love to go out and ground myself with a hike around the many local trails such as Manoa Falls and Aiea Loop Trail.
  2. Local Flavors: While warm pumpkin spice lattes might not be the best on a humid island day, we do have an abundance of other delights. How about indulging in a fresh pineapple smoothie or savoring the sweet taste of coconut shrimp? And if you really are craving for a pumpkin treat, try a slice of Pumpkin Crunch Cake from Aiea Bowl! If you're military or have access to base, Drive Thru Joe's has lot's of amazing iced pumpkin drinks!  No base access? Then the best way for to get that pumpkin latte fix in is with a refreshing and caffeinated cup of iced coffee at Green World Coffee Farms! They make great blended drinks too.It's a season of flavors unique to our island. 
  3. Beach Bliss: While others are bundling up, we're still basking in beach weather. Grab your beach towel and sunscreen and enjoy the tranquility of our shoreline. Sunset picnics, anyone?
  4. Pumpkin Patches: Or if you'd like to have the feels of autumn around you, you can visit a local pumpkin patch or sunflower field! Waimanalo Farms' "Rustic Fall Nights" is full of night lights and fun! For Waimanalo County Farms day time tours walk-ins are welcome—as for the night time scene, it is highly recommended that you make a reservation prior to going in. There, you'll find food, drinks, night time flower field visit, live music, and photo ops!
  5. Cozy Candle Light: Want to stay in and enjoy the season from your home? A great way to set the mood is by lighting up one our Pumpkin Crunch scented soy wax candles; you can buy one for yourself here!