Hi hi! Kirsten here! It's October 3rd (so fetch) and it's the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year: Autumn. Now, I probably know what you're thinking... "Hawai'i doesn't have an autumn season... it's summer all year round!" Well... sure, the leaves don't all turn all the beautiful shades orange and yellow, and you can't really enjoy a hot cocoa in the middle of an autumn day to keep you warm (because it's pretty warm... all day)... BUT the sweaters do bust out of people's closets as it does get a bit chillier— and who is to stop us from having a little fall fun? There are actually quite a few things you can do to celebrate the harvest season here on O'ahu! Read on to find out more about these activities.
Visit the pumpkin patch(es)/sunflower fields!
Visit either Aloun Farms or Waimanalo County Farms for their beautiful pumpkin patches! Aloun Farms also hosts the annual Pumpkin Festival; see more details here. Waimanalo Farms also hosts it's yearly sunflower fields—perfect for that IG worthy photo!
Drink an iced latte!
Ngl... I crave pumpkin-anything starting mid-August and the best way for me to get that fix in is with a refreshing and caffeinated cup of iced coffee at Green World Coffee Farms! The make great blended drinks too.
Reserve a date night at Waimanalo Farms' "Rustic Fall Nights"!
For Waimanalo County Farms day time tours walk-ins are welcome—as for the night time scene, it is highly recommended that you make a reservation prior to going in. There, you'll find food, drinks, night time flower field visit, live music, and photo ops!
Enjoy nature and camp at Bellows!
If you can somehow get sponsored on you and a couple of friends can enjoy camping on the east side of the island. Just make sure not to swim after a full moon, because that's when the jellies strike! And always beware the Portuguese man-o-war!
Light up a candle!
Want to stay in and enjoy the season from your home? A great way to set the mood is by lighting up one our Pumpkin Crunch scented soy wax candles; you can buy one for yourself here!

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