Pre-orders for ALL our LOCAL KINE TINGZ PRODUCTS are expected to ship in approx. in TWO (2) WEEKS. Pre-order products are defined as products that are not currently in stock. By purchasing products through a pre-sale, you are securing the product to be shipped to you as soon as it becomes available. Product re-stock time will vary based on factors such as:

    1. Delivery times for materials to produce the products
    2. Products being hand-made

    Any orders containing a pre-sale item will not be shipped until the pre-sale item becomes available to ship. Guarantees of product re-stock dates cannot be confirmed but every effort will be made by the shop to have products ready for shipping as soon as possible. Local Kine Tingz reserves the right to change the pre-sale shipping dates at any time if required based on the above factors. If you have purchased a presale item(s), you have acknowledged and accepted these conditions provided regarding presale item(s). Presale orders will not be cancelled if the customer fails to acknowledge the delayed shipment for presale items.


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